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First Post Fanfiction! :D

Hi! I am Erika(also known as Taco), and I have been a Tekken fan since Tekken 3 came out. :D I am a humungous, gigantic fan of the Xiaoyin pairing. I write fanfiction for this pairing, and I came up with a oneshot over the course of the past few hours that spawned from when I was playing Tekken 5. Might I warn you .. this is the most grotesque one-shot I have ever written. I have written Xiaoyin before, but nothing nearly as bloody as this here fanfiction.

Title: Recognition
Author: aiyia (Fanfiction.net = Fullmetal Ai)
Rating: T / PG-13
Warnings: Very Bloody.
Summary: "You told me this tournament was dangerous .. yet here I am, facing the most dangerous of them all .. I wanted to make sure you were happy .."

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Okay. I'm not exactly sure if that's the exact line he says before he faces her in the game. If it isn't please tell me! ^^; I've only beaten the game once. I swear. That game is even hard on easy mode! xD Then again, i'm not really all that good at any game. =/ Oh well, ENJOY! ^^-

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Tekken 5 memory file corrupted on PS2

I wanted to play Tekkedn 5 on my PS2 just a few minutes ago and it said the file has been corrupted. I checked the other files on my memory card and they're all fine except for the Tekken 5 file. I played Tekken 5 with my file hours earlier today and nothing happened. I don't know what caused this. I'm very angry that the file is corrupt because all my work, the rankings I earned, the things I unlocked, the fight money I earned are all gone. Does anybody know how this happened? Can I restore my file?
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About Tekken!

NEW ru_ps2 open for all russian gamers!!!

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Certainly, not only for russian gamers!!!

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Hey, it's your resident...uh...whatever I am.

I have opened up a Tekken RPG community, tekken_love

And the best part?! NO CHARACTER JOURNALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They really annoy me. So I decided to make it one where they aren't needed.

The only taken character is Ling Xiaoyu, so far. She's been taken by me.

Everything you need to know is in the userinfo of the community.

Please apply if you feel that this community is for you!!!!


I have a question.

The other day when I turned on my ps2 to play tekken 5, a error note came up. it said something like;

"your tekken 5 data is corrupt, please delete the data from your memory card"

So I tried to reload but the same message came up, so I deleted the corrupt data but now all my progress in the game has been deleted and I have to start tekken 5 again!

Can anyone tell me what caused the saved tekken5 data to suddenly go "corrupt"???

New Tekken 5 Character?

I have played with Lei for while (Since Tekken 3) and he gets a little bit boring. Anyway, I have Tekken 5 now and does anyone know of a good character to try out??? I want someone that isn't to easy to play with but with practise s/he will be brilliant.

I thought I would post in here first!


New Community

Hey Everyone

Welcome to the tekken fans community! This community is new, so if you can, please try and spread the word. If the backround pic slows down your pc and is anoying you, please tell me, and I will remove it.

Please read the rules on the info page before you post your first entry. I want to make this community suitable for all.

Thanks for joining.